About Us

Where we came from... Where we are headed...


CHE was born 20 years ago as a group of amazing women who were embarking on what was a cutting edge choice to home educate their children. They paved the way for this organization in providing support and later a gym program to many families in the Cochrane and surrounding area.  We were defined for most of our reputation as a support network for homeschooling families, but this definition has come to change. With social media and the openness it has provided and bridges it has built for many people we have decided to change the way we support our beautiful community.  We have given birth to a new vision and direction concentrating entirely on expanding our gym curriculum and offerings that we have available to our students.

With our energy and time being fully focused on increasing and offering more in our Gym curriculum we believe we will be offering a competitive and bold educational support to our current students and new students.

Join us on this journey as we refurbish the well known household name of Cochrane Home Educators and don't miss out on the opportunities being offered.

First-Rate Course Offerings


This year we have put together a program that is much more accessible and competitive in the offerings we have for our students registered.  We have hired professional Instructors to facilitate our classes and broadened the types of classes we will have on the schedule.

Our Mission


To provide a strong physical education literacy and wellness program for the homeschooling families in the Cochrane and surrounding areas.

Coming Soon!



You asked and we heard you. Online payments for registration fee and classes coming soon!


Outdoor Education

More information regarding a possible overnight outdoor education camp will be coming soon!  


Special Programming

Tennis, Swimming, Rugby, Wrestling, Calgary Climbing Centre, Skiing... and so much more in the works.