Willing Non-resident School Boards

Below are a list of school boards who will faciliate home education and do not require you to live within their school boundaries.

Argyll Centre

Argyll Centre is a distributed learning school, offering multiple channels of learning and teaching through a variety of delivery formats and mediums that enable students, teachers and course content to interact across distance.


BCS@Home provides Christian families Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning opportunities for students in Grades 1 – 12.

Calgary Board of Education

The Calgary Board of Education is committed to providing and supporting flexible, personalized learning experiences for all children and families.

Calgary Catholic School District

St. Anne Academic Centre is the designated site for any student, Grade 1 to 12, who is interested in home schooling or who would like to follow a program of independent study through Alberta Distance Learning Centre courses.

Centre for Learning@HOME

The Centre for Learning@HOME is a fully-accredited and publicly-funded Christian school, open to all Alberta students.


E2@Home provides traditional home education facilitation throughout Alberta. We specialize in supporting families who have outside-the-box thinkers with high ability and potential who also have learning disabilities or complex needs.

Education Unlimited

Education Unlimited operates as a home education provider in association with The Morinville Christian School Board. They minster to parents wanting to train their children at home, within a biblical perspective, but welcome all who wish to join them.

Families Learning Together

FLT supports and encourages families to enjoy learning together in the homeschool setting. They believe that parents know and love their children better than anyone and are best able to direct them in their learning when they desire to do so.

Golden Hills Learning Academy

GHLA's home learning programs are designed for families who wish to be responsible for the program of studies that is offered to their children during the school year. A wide variety of curriculum choices are available to parents.


We believe in choice! Offering quality choices for your child's Christian education is our way of supporting your family and building community!

Northstar Academy

With three choices to help support Christian Education, NorthStar Academy Canada is meeting the individual needs of its students. NorthStar Academy Canada offers an online program, a traditional home schooling program and an individualized program.

Phoenix Foundation

Phoenix engages students from kindergarten to Grade 12 in either parent-directed or school-directed programming to meet Alberta Education curriculum, using creative approaches and distinctive programs.

Rocky View Schools

Rocky View Schools offers a variety of home schooling options for students from grades 1- 12 including online and print based programs are offered for both basic home schooling and teacher facilitated programs.


Roots, provides support for home education, frequently referred to as traditional home education. Roots parents are accountable to God for their child’s education, and Roots is set up to support parents to do this well.

School of Hope

The School of Hope is a partnership of students, parents, and teachers dedicated to student learning, the celebration of individual gifts, the achievement of educational goals and the realization of personal challenges, to the glory of God.


The Home Education Exchange (thee) is a non-denominational Christian organization, that exists to support and enrich the educational efforts of families that are exercising their God given responsibility to educate their children for life and eternity.

Vista Virtual School

Vista Virtual School is a distance learning school that provides elementary, junior high, and senior high school students in Alberta with a wide range of flexible online and print-based course and program options.

Willow Home Ed

Willow Home Ed offers a professional, non-denominational, independent home education, serving students and families in every community across Alberta. We respect and support families in their home education choice. We also offer a self-directed high school for credit option. We take pride in going the extra mile for our families.

Wisdom Home Schooling

Wisdom was established for the sole purpose of administrating traditional home schooling, giving parents utmost control over what is taught to their children, as well as how and when it is taught.